Kingdom of Glass

Behold, the rage of fire.Abathor, 202 AR

The Kingdom of Glass formed in 202 AR, the Year of Searing Flame. Iska and Ceros Kor ignored the great red wyrm Abathor’s defiance for decades as they found their place in the cosmos. By the time they felt the ancient dragon needed dealing with, the Pact Primeval had been renegotiated, and prevented them from interfering directly. Further, the nation of Dominion provided him asylum for the better part of a century until he drew the ire of the Runelords in 96 AR for reasons still unknown.

Instead, in 100 AR Ceros consorted with the trickster, Lute, who disguised himself as a mortal in 120 AR and offered Abathor tribute in the form of cattle. During the intervening 20 years, Lute had slowly laced nearby herds of farmers with a subtle, addictive poison of his own devising. Over decades, Abathor gradually succumbed to the poison’s weakening effects. Suddenly, in 191 AR, Omskirk sent a flight of mixed dragons after the wyrm, now gravely ill. Abathor fled across the ocean to parts unknown, battering the younger dragons who caught up to him, but weakening all the while.

Eventually, the dragons gave up the chase, and Abathor vanished for over a decade. It was assumed he had fallen into the ocean and drowned. In 202 AR, this proved patently false. Abathor returned, apparently purged of the poison. In his rage, he scorched vast swathes of desert on the border of Omskirk, searing it to glass and cutting of the nation from most of its neighbors. Before Omskirk could send another flight of dragons to fight him again, Abathor found a lair within the Hundred Nations, which continue to use him as a vague deterrence to those who would invade.

To this day, the Kingdom of Glass remains uninhabitable. Much of the area is still a solid sheet of glass, but parts are shattered and the sandstorms that ravage the area have turned to swirling maelstroms of glass shards that shred the toughest travelers to a pulp.

Kingdom of Glass

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