Elsir Vale

It was then we knew they would one day be gods.—Rorbar Silvershield, referring to the actions of the Ascended in eponymous battle.

Elsir Vale is a small city, made somewhat but not notably wealthy by steady trade filtering through the nearby mountain pass. Though strategically important, the long period of peace before the War of Ascension had relegated Elsir Vale to the margins of history.

After the War of Ascension, Elsir Vale became more of a monument than a city. Trade still flows between Dusk and the Vale region, but the city is notable mainly for the visible remnants of the cataclysmic battle that took place there. The two mountains on either side of the pass are practically cleaved in two; the rubble from the blast once buried dozens and dozens of invaders. The temple, and the scorch marks on its walls, remains untouched as an epitaph to the lives lost.

Battle in the Year of Ascension:
Elsir Vale, then a large town rather than a small city, was the site of a key victory in the War of Ascension. The barbed devil, Rurunoth (who may or may not be the Runelord of the same name), had only recently taken control of a medium-sized detachment of the infernal army. They intended to make use of the nearby mountain pass. The militia of Elsir Vale, the Silvershield clan of dwarves, and the soon-to-be Ascended had other plans.

Interestingly, the devils were actually outnumbered almost two to one by the defenders, until one counts the bizarre infantry lent to Rurunoth by Void. Fallen soldiers with twisted skeletons, these creatures were physically weak but came in great numbers.

While the noncombatants evacuated before the attack, the defenders built several trebuchets, a wall, and an inner fortification around the town’s temple. The battle itself was chaotic, and details are sketchy. But, the fanaticism of the attackers combined with the defenders’ backs against the wall to produce a very bloody night. Most of the militia were slaughtered, along with a good number of the Silvershield clan. Rurunoth’s detachment was obliterated, and the barbed devil himself fled the field.

Elsir Vale

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