Black Rain

Woe betide the faithful in this storm. —Unknown.

In 488 AR, for one stormy month in the summer, the rains turned dark. And everywhere it fell, the gods ceased to answer prayers until it evaporated. The water proved save to drink, save for its deleterious effects on divine magic. Still, many were unwilling to test it and died of dehydration.

Theories as to the cause abound. Some cite Abathor‘s long absence from world events and assume he had spent his time concocting a ritual to weaken Omskirk’s theocracy.

Others believe that the recently resurrected Halastar Blackcloak, Dominion’s newest Runelord and an absurdly powerful wizard, was flexing his magical muscles to test his new body. He had little motivation to do so, as the rains fell in Dominion as well, but his sanity has always left something to be desired.

The most intriguing possibility is that one of the Voidspheres was stolen or damaged. One sign of their theft is said to be that “rains turn to ash.” But, this description is usually taken literally, and not as a metaphor for the color. Besides, the black rains stopped after about five weeks. If a Voidsphere’s theft was the cause, it must have been returned.

Black Rain

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