Death first. —Response to Ceros Kor’s demand of fealty.

Abathor is the oldest known dragon, by far. The Red Wyrm has been described as several centuries past his prime at the time of the War of Ascension. It has been half a millennium since then, and Tleaks, a newborn green dragon at the time, is now a Wyrm in her own right.

He has been conspicuously absent from the world stage for most of the time in between, with only a few overt appearances. Suggestions that he is weak and near death were succinctly refuted when he blasted the Kingdom of Glass into existence. Though his peak is long behind him, it is doubtful that any other dragon could yet match him one-on-one.

He is the subject of an ongoing hunt by Omskirk, who are not content to allow him to die peacefully of age after defying their gods after the Ascension.


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