The six Runelords are the highest ranking officials in Dominion. Between them, they control the five provinces of Dominion and, in Rurunoth’s case, the capital at New Waterdeep.

The exact nature of their hierarchy and the extent to which Rurunoth has any power over the other Runelords is hazy at best. All nationwide decrees are signed by all six.

It is widely suspected that at least some of the Runelords are able to appear in two places at once, whether by illusions, Simulacra, or other means.

The current members are:

  • Rurunoth the Hale. Known as the only human Runelord. The nature and extent of his powers are a tightly kept secret, but even the other Runelords seem to fear him.
  • Sonja, a sorceress of considerable power. Notable for her mix of draconic and infernal ancestry. Some hypothesize these bloodlines are one and the same, and she is descended from Hellfire wyrms. The only Runelord ever to desert the post. A warrant for her arrest has been issued by the remaining Runelords, and several teams from the Crazy Eights have been dispatched to find her. The full story is kept under tight wraps, and she has yet to be replaced.
  • Loraa Gladstone, a half-elf, stormlord, and one of the only strong divine spellcasters in Dominion. She is the reason the weather so often bends to Dominion’s needs, providing consistent rain to fields and shunting dangerous storms into the Vale region or out to sea.
  • Seth Ngaz, an extremely skilled swordsman and prolific dragonslayer. He and the Nightmare he rides are both typically seen as astral projections; his real body is hidden somewhere safe from harm. Recently deceased in the battle at Red Bank.
  • Halastar Blackcloak, a wizard with quite a history and reputation as a live wire, in both power and temperament. The second oldest Runelord, after Six, but also the juniormost, having gained the position along with his resurrection in 480 AR.
  • Six, the alias of a reclusive Ilithid, and the only psion among the Runelords. The oldest and most enigmatic of the group.


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