Lucien Elemin (LN) – Father of Vampires, the Collector, the Pyre
Portfolio: Vampires, Research, Magic, Death, Commerce, Fire
Domains: Death, Fire, Knowledge, Undeath, Avarice
Favored Weapon: Mace

No one knows what happened to Nerull, the old Death. Did Death die? Does that sentence even make sense? Regardless, Lucien, the Collector, has taken over. Lucien is the lord of inevitability, from death and taxes to the implacable undead. Lucien’s true name is widely known—call him at your own risk. Death will listen, but be sure you have something worth saying.

Micha-el (LE) – The Sniper, The Aloof
Portfolio: Law, Magic, Darkness, Caution, Selfishness, Elves
Domains: Law, Evil, Darkness, Elf
Favored Weapon: Longbow

Micha-el quickly established himself as the God of Elves after the War of Ascension. Allying himself with the remaining Archdevils, he is largely responsible for the corruption of the once good and free elven race. Micha-el remains aloof (as befits his title) from the continued civil warring between elven houses, choosing to let natural selection leave only the sharpest behind. As most surface elves live in Dominion, Micha-el is seldon worshipped beyond its borders.

Iska (LG) – The Shining Wind, the Knight Prismatic
Portfolio: Good, Dragon, Glorious Battle, Flight, Rainbows, Law
Domains: Air, Good, Dragon, Glory, Law
Favored Weapon: Lance

Iska is the goddess of Good Dragons, of all who soar through the air unrestricted, of all those who charge gloriously into battle. She is the more idealistic half of the two gods of Omskirk. Curiously, she and Ceros agree on many counts, even if their justifications differ wildly. Her lance, the Prism, has been handed down from one champion lancer to another for centuries. It is the unstoppable force, and has yet to meet an immovable object.

Ceros Kor (LE) – the Sapphire Swordsman, the Scaleskinned Storm
Portfolio: Evil, Dragon, Slaughter
Domains: Treachery, Evil, Law, Storm, Dragon
Favored Weapon: Falchion

God of chromatic dragons. He is a god of destruction and slaughter, though not without reason, and was renowned in life for his skill with the sword. He is the god of the storm, and his followers fall upon those who oppose them with all the might of the howling tempest. The pair of falchions he frequently switched between are now legendary swords in their own right: Sinslayer, infused with the dust of a hellfire wyrm’s horn, is the bane of angels and demons alike. Whiterazor, a plane of force the width of a single hair, can cut through stone with a flick of the wrist.

Thorsten (NG) – The Valiant, Zwergvater (DwarfFather)
Portfolio: Strength, Self-Reliance, Dwarves, Stoneworking, Idealistic Good, Atheists
Domains: Good, Strength, War, Dwarf, Earth
Favored Weapon: Dwarven Waraxe

Despite his own misgivings about deities, Thorsten has become one himself, worshipped by the Mountain Kings. Dwarves credit him with reforging the Sun after it reddened with the death of Pelor. He is somewhat enigmatic to outsiders, as dwarves are rarely found outside their strongholds due to Dominion’s chokehold on the entrances. In most places, Aiden Jared or the vestige of Pelor is given credit for reigniting the sun instead. Thorsten either takes no offense at the misconception or has better things to worry about.

Lute (CG) – The Multiplicitous Gambler, the Fleeing Prankster, The Ferretmaster
Portfolio: Luck, Gambling, Laughter, Prankster, Ferrets, Illusions
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery, Celerity, Travel, (Death?)
Favored Weapon: Whip

Lute is said to be in every shadow, in every burrow, in every twitching nose and twinkling eye. And, everywhere he looks, he sees a joke. He is the god of Laughter, of Pranks and Gamblers, and he is beloved by many who bounce through life. But he has a darker side as well. He was the one who killed the Faceless One, and there are those who remember it. They are the Cult of Dabodies Deathbringer, and they wield the divine magic to prove it, as well as the spiked whip. Why Lute grants them power is unknown. Is it yet another cosmic prank, or is there truly a darker side to him

Aiden Jared (NG) – The Third Lost, the Healing Light, Aiden Goldentongue
Portfolio: Magic, Negotiation, Healing, Sacrifice
Domains: Healing, Charm, Magic, Sun
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Though the Sun is still faded, Aiden is the deity of all those who heal others at the expense of themselves. He is the god of pacifists and some rogues as well, those who depend on their tongues over their steel. Even outside the church hierarchy, there are those great speakers who call themselves Silvertongue in honor of his legendary charm.

Alaric Evander (CG) – The Spider King, the Divine Warlock
Portfolio: Magic, Spiders, Good, Spies
Domains: Good, Magic, Spider, Family
Favored Weapon: Dagger

Alaric is seldom seen, but his fingers are often felt. Even past the overthrowing of the Drow Matriarchy by his Blessed Driders, the subtle effects of his worshippers can be seen in governments and organizations around the world. Open worship is uncommon, not because Alaric is feared or reviled, but because his followers require their privacy to operate efficiently.


Porfolio: Destructive and Evil Secrets, Magic, Hidden Knowledge, Intrigue
Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Magic

Wheels within wheels. Vecna has unceasingly plotted and schemed since millennia before the Ascension. In its aftermath, he abated to the lower planes. He waits, presumably at Howler’s Crag, where the winds eventually bring all spoken words to those who listen hard enough. There is precious little that the Whispered One is unaware of. Some suspect that one or more of the resurgent Elder Faiths (Wee Jas, Heironeous, and the other pre-Ascension gods) are merely fronts for his presence.


Thuk (CN) – Destroyer of Hordes
Portfolio: Orcs, Killing, Blind Rage, Chaos, Cannibals, Sacrifice
Domains: Orcs, Destruction, War, Gluttony, Chaos
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

By all accounts, Thuk died as he had lived, consuming the flesh of his enemies. Even as a mortal, he outlived Gruumsh, the old God of Orcs. Most believe that the corruptive touch of Void had so thoroughly scorched his mind that Thuk never even felt himself dissolve as reality unraveled around him.

Evrenharath – The Mind Militant, The Bulwark of Steel, The Second Lost
Portfolio: Psionics, Protection, Sacrifice
Domains: Endurance, Protection, Mind, Strength
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Little is known of the militant mystic, save that he bore armor and shimmered with protections far beyond the power of his companions. They aided him little, however, as the ground shattered beneath his feet, and with his death psionics was forever weakened.


Portfolio: Orcs, Killing, Blind Rage, Chaos, Cannibals, Sacrifice
Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, Domination, Madness

They gave him a name. He was the Nameless One, the Faceless One, the strange thing forged by haughty dwarves to serve as their own god to command. Instead, he forced them to bow before him and soon all but destroyed a pantheon. Finally, the newer gods imprisoned a fragile shadow of his power within the earth, and exiled the rest to the emptiness outside the Far Realms. While there, he slowly absorbed many of the other exiles, clumps of hatred coalescing like asteroids into a planet.

Centuries later, he returned and, with Vecna, sparked the War of Ascension. And the universe nearly collapsed for it. Not a moment too soon, the Ascended threw him out once more, and split what little of his essence remained into five parts. The location of the Voidspheres are a carefully guarded secret.

But that doesn’t change the fact that, in naming the spheres, they inadvertently named him. And per the Rule of Threes, it’s only a matter of when he’ll be back, not if. For good or for ill, the next time will be the last.


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