No one dies in Dominion. At least, no one worth mentioning.Rurunoth, 465 AR

Dominion is recognized as the strongest “new” power on Durraine. Though Omskirk outnumbers it six to one, and commands the presence of dragons, Dominion’s infrastructure and dynamic use of magic make an invasion all but impossible. This has lead to a long cold war, with a history of near-battles. Bad blood between the two nations stretches all the way back to Dominion providing asylum to the ancient dragon Abathor, condemned by Omskirk for defying Ceros Kor’s demand for fealty.



Dominion makes heavy use of magic. Its citizens are heavily tattooed with magically imbued ink colored to be almost imperceptible on their skin, save for the prominent rendition of an iron key on each of their necks. Basic Tattoos of the Citizen have the following functions:

  • Mark the bearer as a citizen of Dominion, physically and magically.
  • Cast Word of Recall (altered such that it works on corpses) on the bearer’s body or largest body part if the bearer is ever slain or immobilized for more than one day.
  • Sustain the bearer, somehow. It’s not clear how Dominion does this, but its citizens rarely need to eat and live, at a minimum, far longer than normal members of their races. Some citizens, mostly elves, appear to forgo this function, and they live normal lifespans. There is no conclusive explanation as to why, but it appears to be by choice.
  • Literally “key” the bearer, so he or she can make use of Dominion-owned magical items and effects. For instance, Dominion’s renowned teleport circles function only for citizens or those in physical contact with them.



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